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@jaydipst • 09 Sep, 2007
Can any one give me authentic and sure shot information on the minimum distance between towers of two different service providers.
Is there any such criteria
@c00lesh • 09 Sep, 2007 The distance between two towers of different service provider is rougly around 200m-300m.
@Rocker • 09 Sep, 2007
The distance between two towers of different service provider is rougly around 200m-300m.
I think it mainly depends on the range that each tower provides around itself. Telecom engineers may want to add details to this discussion !!
@Ashraf HZ • 09 Sep, 2007 At some places where constructing a tower is too expensive like in the city centre, one service provider can actually "rent" an existing tower from a competitor. This saves costs overall. Basically both share one tower 😀

As for two different towers, Im not sure yet. I dont think it matters.. theoretically, an overlapping of towers (hence cell zones) should provide better coverage, just that different service providers would use different code accesses. hmm..
@ambuja 28 • 20 Sep, 2007 i think the gap is minimum.beacause for the tower of one network signal is encrypted so the signal of other tower can`t overlap with each other

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