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dello • Feb 15, 2009

Discussing my project- Intelligent grounding system

I would like to ask help from u guys abt my project, i have just finished completing the circuit design and the idea of the project

this is how my project looks like

Basically this is how the project works like.. Using ohms law the two rods gives me an indication value.. say value A(viewable at the voltmeter).. this value is take at the point where the rod is grounded and the megger tester gives me a reading of say 2 ohms so i would set this value A to the dial of the control box, so when every the reading on the voltmeter exceeds value A, the treatment is called in. It decreases the rod reading to below value A. by doing this im able to maintain the grounding resistance to a safe value.

But currently im having problem regarding this single ground set up, Where is this set up usually used? Are they for end users home? or for large buildings? wat are they actually used for? are they to ground lightning overcurents?

Would be greatful if anyone could give me the answer and give me some comments on the project design.. Thanks in advance😁
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 15, 2009
Image added to the original post 😀

[Update: Dello removed the image. Don't know why.]
are you mentioning the technique using clamps???
dello • Feb 15, 2009
which technique are u talking about? do u mean the megger testing?
yeah,earth testing instruments are available,and your method of one spike is doe in 2 ways either by shorting VI terminals or through clamps.

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