Disadvantages of Mobile Systems/Wirelss Networks.

I got a question asking the Disadvantages or Limitations of the Mobile systems/ Wireless Networks. I got some points, here are they. Correct me If I am wrong and If you have any more points, post them here.

Disadvantages of Mobile Systems :

  1. Power Consumption : Power consumption is very high in the mobile systems due to low quality displays and small disk spaces.
  2. Loss of Data : Data is very less securable in Mobile systems due to portability and thefts.
  3. Limited User Interfaces : Due to less in size, compromise between size of fingers and portability, lack of abstract symbols and voice recognition. And we have to use only in the frequency range.
  4. Limited Memory : Mostly mobile systems uses limited mass memories in which we want able to store large amount of data.
  5. Damaging Health : The frequency waves used by the mobile systems could be damaging to our health resulting in skin diseases and Brain diseases and functional disorders.
  6. Environmental Impact : The frequency waves used by the mobile systems could be damaging to our Environment.
  7. Lack of Quality : The data traveling through mobile systems has low transmission rates, Higher delays, higher jitter.


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Hi Sahithi,

    Though those might be considered as general disadvantages, there are few more points to be noted ( not really disadvantages though)
    The frequency spectrum available for communication is very limited, and due to every other device now a days is going thr wireless way, there is a need to allocate freq carefully, As well, The power consumption of mobile handsets is more as - it has to transmit back to the mobile network station with a comparatively small antenna.
    There are signal losses incurred while transmission due to various external factors such are reflection, scattering, shadowing which are in general referred as fading effects. The fading effect can be either large scale fading or small scale fading. Fading though can be mitigated by using various diversity techniques such as time diversity and frequency diversity.
    As well, when density of mobile users increase in a particular area, there is a possibility of interference and this has to be avoided as well.

    The data security can be used by using various coding techniques and encryption and decryption techniques.

    I am not too sure about environmental impacts though
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Also the interference caused due to the other items, it might not deliver it accurately! 😔

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