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coolwanderer • Jan 26, 2009

Digital lock using 555 IC

i did a mini project on digital lock in which my small opens and closes on giving a correct code.i used a 555 timer Ic.what should be done for big doors😁
shiwa436 • Feb 2, 2009
Re: digital lock

Hi coolwanderer, will u please give the details of your project?
silverscorpion • Feb 2, 2009
Hi, going from small to big usually means giving high power..
ie, instead of using small motors for your small doors, you will have to use some higher capacity motors, and you have to provide the high current to drive them too.
The logic and all will remain the same. only thing is, at the output stage, you use various stages of power amplifiers to give the required power to your output signal to help drive larger motors.

That will be all I think. Hope I'm clear..
ntr_nbk • Feb 23, 2009
u should use magnet when ur

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