Difference Between Simple Differentiation & Partial Differentiation.

I know the basic difference, I want to know where, when & under which condition partial differentiation is used 7 under which condition differentiation is used ?
What is the main criteria which is needed for partial differentiation ?


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Partial differentiation is used only if the variable is a function of more than to variables


    A=F(x,y) Where X=F(t) and Y=F(t)

    Then while differentiating A completely with respect to t we go for partial differentiation

    DA/Dt= dA/dx*Dx/Dt+dA/dy*Dy/Dt


    Now to find DA/Dt we need to partially differentiate A with respect to X and Y

    But we must completely differentiate X and Y equations


    This implies

    DA/Dt =2x*6t +2y*6
    Instead of x and y we substitute the equations of x and y thus we get DA/Dt a complete differential solution

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