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Difference between Serial schedule & Serializability (ADBMS)

Question asked by BCA_GIRL in #Coffee Room on Oct 16, 2010
BCA_GIRL · Oct 16, 2010
Rank C2 - EXPERT
What are the differences between Serial schedule and Serializability?
As i concerned, a schedule is said to be Serial if all the operation of transaction executes consicutively without any interference from other transaction. For ex. schedule1 is a serial schedule if in it only one transaction executes at any given time.
When a non-serial schedule produced the same result as serial schedule then,itis known as Serializability.
Can anyone elaborates these terms with real life examples?????😕 Posted in: #Coffee Room
4M4N · Oct 18, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
locking is not required in case of serial schedule because no other transaction can interfere with it, but in other case there might be other processes that are occurring and accessing the variables of the one , so locking mechanism is required, but in the end the result is same

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