Difference between project and product

what is the difference between project and product???..
can anybody tell main difference..


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    what is the difference between project and product???..
    can anybody tell main difference..
    That's like asking for difference between Flute and Eiffel Tower.

    But anyways - would you like to try and answer the question yourself? We'll correct you if your answer isn't correct. Give it a try.
  • pugazh anand
    pugazh anand
    Project is something, you are doing something on your given assignment..

    if your project completed successfully and come without any error, then it will be called as product. am i right?
  • yogi.bharadwaj
    i think project is that thing which is under construction and contains the coponents which can be corrected many times if error occurs.But product is that thing which is comes from projact but after many experiments and it is made up in such a way that it should have minimum coast but there should not be any criteria of expences for a project.i think u understand if i am wrong pls correct me.
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Product is the output of a project. A project is something you start with a long shot. If it is successful, you get an amazing product out of it which may be constructive and useful. If that project fails, you are back to square one and start your work with a different approach

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