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@pikachu1994 • 07 Jan, 2013
While pasting text there is two options 'paste' and 'paste as a plain text'.What is the difference between both?
@max0077 • 07 Jan, 2013
While pasting text there is two options 'paste' and 'paste as a plain text'.What is the difference between both?
i hope this might help some..
Smart Text: Automatically recognizes URLs and converts them into a clickable link. Also recognizes hard returns (line breaks) and displays the text with line breaks. Smart text accepts HTML tags as well.
Plain text: Text will appear as entered without line breaks. HTML tags are not processed and instead are displayed as entered. This is useful for displaying the actual HTML code or other programming language code.
HTML: Displays text as coded using HTML tags. No hard returns or line breaks are stored. This should be used when you are pasting HTML generated in Dreamweaver or Word.
@[Prototype] • 07 Jan, 2013 If you suppose copy "SAMPLE TEXT" to some editor like MS WORD, then using "paste", the text will be pasted with all the formatting data i.e. bold, itallic and underline. If you choose "paste as plain text" then the formatting will be removed and what you'll get is "SAMPLE TEXT".

This doesn't make any difference if the text doesn't have any formatting.

I hope this is what you were asking?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 07 Jan, 2013 Plain text pasting is basically clearing the clipboard of all the formatting related tags associated with the content. It's basically same as pasting the content to the notepad first, copying the content from notepad and then pasting again.

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