Difference between NTFS & FAT32,FAT?

a silly Question...

what is the difference between NTFS & FAT32,FAT type of specification which is seen inhard disk ,usb😒


  • sree kumar
    sree kumar
    😕what is the difference between NTFS & FAT32,FAT type of specification which is seen inhard disk ,usb😒
  • Ashutosh_shukla
    Try to search this on google or may be even wikianswers.com you may get its solution
    I know that FAT is File Allocation Table
    and NTFS may be New Technology File System But search on google and you get the answer
  • sumitjami
    hi Sree Kumar, these are nothing but tables which are created by the operating system which contain the information about the various files and folder stored on the computer.....where the FAT is the oldest and NTFS the latest........one of the greatest advantages of NTFS over FAT32 is that, it is much more efficient in the storage algorithm and thus saves a lot space.....
  • lohit margoor
    lohit margoor
    Hi MAN,
    FAT-file allocating table -which is the oldest algorithm to store the files in a hard drive.
    FAT32-nothing but FAT but useed for 32bit OS systems
    NTFS-I dont know much about it .

    if you have windows XP os, just go to Help & Media support int START MENU.Type NTFS &search.you will get not only the information about NTFS but also the commands for convering FAT32 system into NTFS system.

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