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@gauthamgingee • 23 Sep, 2010
hai friends,
can anybody tel me about difference between multithreading and multiprogramming.
@Reya • 23 Sep, 2010 Multiprogramming is a form of parallel processing in which several programs are run at the same time on a single processor.Since there is only one processor, there can be no true simultaneous execution of different programs. Instead, the operating system executes part of one program, then part of another, and so on. To the user it appears that all programs are executing at the same time.

Multithreading is the ability of a program or an operating system process to manage its use by more than one user at a time and to even manage multiple requests by the same user without having to have multiple copies of the program running in the computer
@anandkumarjha • 23 Sep, 2010 Multiprogramming is the technique to run several programs at a time using timesharing. The main concept behind the multiple programming is that an operating system stores many programs in the main memory simultaneously and then the processor takes one job from that job pool and it executed them. When that job have to wait for some input output then it takes another job from thAt pool and executes wise it seems that it handles many programs at the same time
Whereas multithreading means the different threads in the process to perform similar type of the functions. Let's take one example that in the internet world server accepts the requests from the client side for the videos,audios,images. Now we consider the situation according to the single threaded system,in the busy network where many of the clients request for the same things the server would have provided its facilities to only one of the client but this is not the case with multithreading .this problem is solved bu the multithreading
@Leo • 24 Sep, 2010 Your question has been answered several times on CE, please try to search previous posts on before you post. Visit the following thread to get your answer,
@Chebet Sarah • 29 Jan, 2020


Involves tasks sharing one resource. Threads are subprocesses These subprocesses share memory. Although these subprocesses share a memory, they are independently scheduled. It’s important to remember that separate processes cannot share each other’s memory.


Involves a computer running more than one program eg Excel and Chrome. This is a form of multitasking.  Here, a process will keep running till it tries to access an I/O device. When it tries to access an I/O, the operating system interrupts that job and another process is chosen to run so the CPU doesn't stay idle.


@Durgesh Srivastava • 29 Jan, 2020

Multiprogrammig and Multithreading both adds performance to the system. Multiprogramming is adding more number of or CPUs/processors to the system which increases the computing speed of the system. Multithreading is allowing a process to create more threads which increase the responsiveness of the system.

@Kavya Burramolla • 02 Feb, 2020

In most of the computer applications multiprogramming and multi threading are used to improve the response time of the system while performing multiple operations or programs. Multiprogramming is a method of running multiple programs over a single processor by sharing the processor time in the time sharing environment. While multithreading is the process of running multiple threads to execute concurrently, supported by operating system.

@bill yorke • 02 Feb, 2020

Multiprogramming is a primitive type of parallel processing in which a uniprocessor runs multiple programs simultaneously. Because there is only one processor, separate programs can not really be executed authentically simultaneously.

Multithreading: It can be said that threads are separate parts of a single program that can operate on a single processor.

@supriya VN gowda • 25 Feb, 2020

Multiprogramming is simultaneous execution of multiple programs at the same time on a uniprocessor. These reduces our time in executing multiple programs one after the other. For example we on music on the background and we play games so both programs are run at the same time. 

Multi threading is executing multiple threads at the same time. Where thread refers to dividing the process into sub processes and each sub process is called as threads. 


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