@shubham75355 • 16 Sep, 2014
hey frnz.. all people says that google launches this android one..but i'm unable to understand that what actually the role of google in this cellphone.. means what is the difference b/w this phone & other micromax phones? can anyone elaborate plzz..
@Ankita Katdare • 16 Sep, 2014 @shubham75355 First of all, Welcome to CrazyEngineers. I have moved your post into a separate discussion.

To answer your question in simplest terms -
Android One is a series of Android OS based phones that are being launched by Google in association with Indian OEMs such as Micromax, Spice and Karbonn, whereas Android is a mobile phone OS.

Take a look: https://www.android.com/one/india/

Google has created a standard list of competitive specifications that now allows any manufacturer build low cost affordable smartphones with up-to-date hardware. Running stock Android, the Android One devices receive updates direct from Google. It has to be noted here that, vendors can choose to add their own apps too.

Why did Google introduce Android One?

To push the latest version of Android to new low-end devices.

You see, the latest Android version 4.4 KitKat was launched last year, but it has managed to capture only approx 21% market share of all the devices running Android. The KitKat update failed to reach most of the other devices as that was not a cost effective solution for OEMs.

I believe the next question here will be -
Android One Vs. Google Nexus Vs. Android Silver.
@Anoop Kumar • 16 Sep, 2014 I just wish they would have added HD screen 😁, It would have been killer of RedMi 1s with Android L
@shubham75355 • 16 Sep, 2014 thanks ankita to answer my ques.
can u tell me ,the new feature WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS OFFLINE will work only on this phone or on other android phones also.
@Anoop Kumar • 16 Sep, 2014 Right now it is available in Android One but I am damn sure it will be available for all phones with YouTube app. This is feature of Youtube just like Google Camera available for all android phones.
@Ankita Katdare • 06 Oct, 2014
thanks ankita to answer my ques.
can u tell me ,the new feature WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS OFFLINE will work only on this phone or on other android phones also.
I missed this post earlier.
Well, as Anoop pointed out above, Google did make an announcement alongside the Android One phone launch. It said that YouTube app For Android will soon support offline video playback in India.
What this means is app users will be able to store videos in the YouTube app when they are using WiFi and watch them later.

The move is made by taking into consideration the slow connection on thousands of Android phones in India. Looks like a great feature to have for re-watching videos without completely exhausting the data plan.

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