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@NAVATHE SACHIN • 03 Jan, 2013
what is the difference between c.o.p and efficiency?
@NAVATHE SACHIN • 06 Jan, 2013 • 1 like efficiency is capacity of engine to produce power from fuel supplied while cop is how effectively energy is used to obtain the desired effect
@anjali zendre • 09 Feb, 2013 c.o.p.=desired effect / energy input
it show how efficiently any cycle has perform it's operation.
*this used for work consuming cycles.
like refrigeration cycle
efficiency=energy output / energy input.
it show how much efficiency we r getting when any cycle perform it's operation.
this used for work producing cycles.
example: power developing cycles.
@mohite • 08 Mar, 2013 • 1 like the basic difference between c.o.p. and efficiency is...
c.o.p is always greater than 1. AND
efficiency is always less than 1.... i.e. it is in %.

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