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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorMar 9, 2014

    Can anybody tell me difference between abstract class and interface..?
    Welcome to CE. Have a look at these excellent discussions on CrazyEngineers about Abstract Classes & Interfaces:

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    MemberMar 9, 2014

    Abstract class-abstract class is used to only provide the base to the child class.An abstract class is one that cannot be instantiated. All other functionality of the class still exists, and its fields, methods, and constructors are all accessed in the same manner. You just cannot create an instance of the abstract class.
    Interface-An interface is not a class.Writing an interface is similar to writing a class, but they are two different concepts. A class describes the attributes and behaviors of an object. An interface contains behaviors that a class implements.
    just go through it...
    if still you cant understand the concept then i can explain with some program if you have......
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