• Scientists form Northwestern University of Chicago have developed an application called 'Diet & Acne' which helps people to make healthy dietary choices by providing them details about how a certain food item can affect their skin. Diet and Acne can help you to get proper guidance for your daily diet and can be very helpful to all those who are suffering from acne. Diana Cohen created this application when she was a student at Segal Design Institute of Northwestern.


    She says that there is no scientific relation between acne and foods items like chocolate, fats, sugar and whey proteins and the app also reviles the same. But one small research found that eating 100 percent cocoa could make the acne even worse than ever. The research in the applications shows that the major cause of acne are protein, omega-6 fatty acids, dairy products and foods items high in sugar. And the food rich in antioxidants and fiber helps to reduce them. Kundu, an associate professor in dermatology at Feinberg School, corresponding study author and an attending physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital says that oils and hormones greatly affects acne than diet but he doesn’t suggest his patients to dismiss dietary intake. And also says that this application can really be beneficial to his patients for making better dietary choices.

    iOS users can download this application from iTunes store for free and it is already downloaded by more than 5500 users from more than 98 countries. In a survey embedded in this application, only 100 people responded and out of which 87 percent of them said to have acne problem from last one year, which means there is a need of such an application to reduce this number. What do you think of this app? Share with us in comments below.

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