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@bandral • 17 Nov, 2009
can anyone explain why the diesel engine is heavier than petrol engine..
@JaaTBoYSliM • 17 Nov, 2009 Your typical 4 cycle diesel is turbocharged, fuel injected, and in america runs on low sulfur diesel. Most diesel's have a compression ratio of 22.5 to one or better, this additional compression requires a heavier casting in the vital area's surrounding and supporting the combustion chamber. It also is going to necessitate the use of a heavier crankshaft, bearings and journals, and heavier pistons and rings to attain/maintain compression. Diesel fuel does not burn like gasoline you can extinguish a cigarette in a cup of it (although not advised) Diesel will com bust quite easily at or above 22.5to one compression when the diesel is forced through a small orifice at high speed and pressure.
@krishthd • 21 Nov, 2009 Diesel engines generally produce more power than petrol engines.To withstand the heavy stresses induced in machine parts, they r made of heavier elements.
As said the compression ratio is also more so dont u think they shud b heavy strong..
All diesel engines need not b turbocharged.
@kumar_nitin • 21 Nov, 2009 I really like mechanical engineering alongwith civil, but Unfortunately Iam a CS engineer..
anyways, thank you Mr. Jaat boy for such an awsum explanation.
@raj87verma88 • 21 Nov, 2009 Nice answers, nothing more to add.
@abhishek. sharma • 16 Jan, 2010 goooood ans. by mr jaatboy
@JaaTBoYSliM • 16 Jan, 2010
I really like mechanical engineering alongwith civil, but Unfortunately Iam a CS engineer..
anyways, thank you Mr. Jaat boy for such an awsum explanation.

Well prateek .. How can I get ?
@Vega • 16 Jan, 2010 Diesel engines run at high compression ratios causing very high pressure at the end of compression stroke. To withstand this pressure, diesel engine parts need to be heavy which makes it heavy and robust.
@antenna • 16 Jan, 2010 To have compression ratio as large as 22, we need to have a heavier flywheel to provide enough torque especially when we don't have the power stroke.
@einstein89 • 23 Jan, 2010 compression ratio of diesel engine is around 22.where as for petrol its around 9.
higher compression ratio means higher mean effective pressure.higher temperature and high stresses for which the engine must be made highly rigid and strong.which is the main reason which increases its weight.its large,bulky but it sustains very high pressures.
@ShrinkDWorld • 26 Jan, 2010 good ans by einstein89

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