Dhingana.com - Rdio Acquisition: What's Coming?

Dhingana.com shut its doors just a few weeks ago and the big news comes today from TechCrunch. The startup started by two brothers - Snehal and Swapnil Shinde in 2007 and become one of the hottest destination for Indian music listeners. In one of their interviews, the founders had said that the music service gets about 200,000 signups every month resulting into 100 million minutes of streaming. Unfortunately, Dhingana announced that they're shutting down the service on February 14, 2014.

But the latest update is interesting - Rdio; the free music listening service founded by the co-founders of Skype has acquired Dhingana. The service claims to have about 20 million songs in all the languages. The acquisition gives Rdio access to all of Dhingana's song database and it's being speculated that Rdio India would launch soon. So far, Rdio services were not available in India. The acquisition may even prove the importance of Indian markets to the world.

How does Rdio make money?

The service is offered totally free of cost to all the listeners. The service inserts short advertisements from partner brands. The service also offers paid subscription to those who do not want to listen to ads. Rdio India would mean that all of Dhingana's songs would be made available internationally with in-stream advertisements. Looks like a good deal for Dhingana as well as listeners in India.

Local Competition:

Rdio will have to fight the local competition from successful Internet radio stations in India like Gaana.com. There are several others in the race; but I think the main fight is going to be between Gaana and Rdio. Both the services have their own mobile apps and offer similar user experience.

What do you think about Rdio India? When should expect launch?


  • Satya Swaroop Dash
    Satya Swaroop Dash
    Even though Dhingana has been given a new lease of life by being reborn as Rdio, it still has a few problems in its way. Starting with the rampant digital media piracy in the country to stiff licensing rates quoted by various music labels, Rdio has their work cut out for them.
    When it comes to the fight between these companies I would like to add the name of Saavn in the list that offers both paid and free versions, the highlight however is the offline music playback feature and this gives them an edge over the other competitors.

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