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30 Aug 2007

Developing a Buzzer System

I know that there are lot of articles & tutorials available on the internet which talk about developing a buzzer system. But I thought it might be better if we develop one on our own.

Here are my requirements -

1. It should have at least 8 joysticks (USB, Bluetooth can be supported)
2. It should connect to the computer and I should get the display on the screen.
3. The software shall report the order of inputs (fastest, slowest etc.)

Your suggestions are welcome.

Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

11 years ago
Is this like for a quiz/competition kinda thing? Its a good idea, perhaps we can make it as modular as possible.

I was thinking.. we have like two different types of CE products we would like to produce: Hardware and Software (eg CE Messenger). I'll be cool if we can produce them as soon as we can 😛

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