Developing a Buzzer System

I know that there are lot of articles & tutorials available on the internet which talk about developing a buzzer system. But I thought it might be better if we develop one on our own.

Here are my requirements -

1. It should have at least 8 joysticks (USB, Bluetooth can be supported)
2. It should connect to the computer and I should get the display on the screen.
3. The software shall report the order of inputs (fastest, slowest etc.)

Your suggestions are welcome.



  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Is this like for a quiz/competition kinda thing? Its a good idea, perhaps we can make it as modular as possible.

    I was thinking.. we have like two different types of CE products we would like to produce: Hardware and Software (eg CE Messenger). I'll be cool if we can produce them as soon as we can 😛

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