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@Ashwin Joshi • 08 Mar, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Our project is design and fabrication of hydraulic press having following specifications :
  • Capacity = 5 Tonnes
  • Working pressure = 150 bar
  • Double acting cylinder
  • H - frame type construction
  • Special feature : Adjustable bed height.
Software are used for optimizing the design :
  • Modelling software : Creo 2.0 (Pro-E)
  • Analysis software : ANSYS 11
It can be suitably used for assembly, press fitting operations and when used in conjunction with clamping devices and fixtures, it can perform a large number of operations. For design initiation hydraulic press is divided into three parts : cylinder, frame and power pack unit.

CYLINDER : It develops the necessary force require to carry out the pressing operation. The whole cylinder is thoroughly designed including the following parts along with material used :

    1. Cylinder shell (ASTM A 106 GRADE B)
    2. Piston (Mild Steel C40)
    3. Piston rod (Mild steel C40)
    4. Guide bush (Mild steel C40)
    5. End plug (IS 2062)
    6. Flange (IS 2062)
    7. O-rings and seals are selected according to standards.
Assembly of cylinder parts is done both by threading and welding to ensure rigid and leak proof design.

POWER PACK UNIT : It comprises of following parts designed and selected suitably :

  1. PUMP : It converts rotational power from an electric motor into hydraulic energy. External gear pump with displacement of 1 cm3/rev. is used.
  2. ELECTRIC MOTOR : It transforms electric energy into rotary mechanical energy. 3 phase induction motor of power 0.5 hp is used.
  3. HOSES AND TUBES : These are the functional connection for fluid flow in the hydraulic system. Tubes of outer diameter = 6 mm and thickness = 1.5 mm is used. SAE 100 R3 Hoses are used.
  4. HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR : The oil used is stored in reservoir to which it is turned after use. Non pressurized reservoir of capacity 4.676 liters is used.
  5. FILTERS : As system working pressure is medium and flow rate is small, Return and Suction line filters are used of filteration rating 0.000003 m.
  6. HYDRAULIC FITTINGS : It is used to attach hose to port of hydraulic elements.
  7. OIL : Servo VG 68 oil is used.
  8. CONTROL VALVES : They are used to direct and regulate the fluid flow from pump to various load devices.
    • Flow control valve : It is selected according to the flow rate.
    • Pressure control valve : Direct operated valve is chosen according to the working pressure of 150 bar.
    • Direction control valve : It is direct operated valve selected according to requirement.
FRAME : Different parts are designed and analyzed for optimization before fabrication. Additional feature of adjustable bed height enables it to operate large sized jobs with the same size of machine.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Today fluid power is widely used in every branch of industry for ex. automobiles, hydraulic press, agricultural machinery, robots etc. Hydraulic press having hundreds of applications for ex. deep drawing, shell reduction, forming, blanking, staking, punching, press fitting, straightening, assembly, bonding, broaching, metal forming operations etc. because of which it is extensively used in workshops, garages and industries. So, designing and fabricating a machine which is universally used is of great learning and experience. Since its invention in 1795, hydraulic presses has undergone various changes and now it is fully automated and well adapted to press work ranging from coining jewelry to forging air craft parts.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Participating Team From: Final Year
@Louizzy • 03 Oct, 2015 please i'm in need of a literature review on design and fabrication of a hydraulic press chapter3.. can anyone help me?
@Sumit Dhangar • 06 Oct, 2018

Can I get a copy of this report..

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