@Chinenyezeh • 09 Jan, 2015
i am proposing this project and i believe it will be a great break through in poultry production. as a matter of urgency i need guildaince and how to achieve this as this will real slash down the suffering of poultry farmers in the rural settlement of Nigeria and the world at large.
i look forward to ideas and contributions on how to achieve this INCUBATOR
@Shashank Moghe • 09 Jan, 2015 Well, you have to begin by telling us how is the general operating of a egg incubator.
@Don Ross • 10 Jan, 2015 I would think no mater what fuel you use that it must have a medium that is controllable. ie. a fire heats water which is piped to the incubator. or a fuel is gasified and burned in a tube as radiant heat. Can the chicken dung be used as a fuel? As a child we used a light bulb to hatch eggs. how about kerosene lamps that it's flue gas goes up a sheet metal wall to radiate heat and a spring bi metal damper allowing fresh air in to control the temperature.
@Don Ross • 11 Jan, 2015 Kiddo Are you out there? Talk to me. I design things like this for a living. It's fun and easy. Not rocket science.
D F Ross
@Chinenyezeh • 16 Jan, 2015 @ DON Ros am glad you understand this concept, my aim is to use kerosene lamp to generate heat.... amazingly i need guild - lines and constructive ideals to make this work. if anyone has any literature and diagrams for this purpose please share with me.
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 I could design that in my sleep. So what do you want to do. Let's build it. I am so glad I can build something to help your people. I need to understand the variables your facing in the field first. Have you searched Google and YouTube yet?
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 Image off of Google
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 It looks to me that it may need a temperature control type damper. But that can be added very easily. Go for it,,,, build it. lol Good luck.
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 Try building it out of card board and tape first. I would think the important thing is to make the amount of fuel be as little as possible. An efficient lamp is the key.
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 Can you help me, A request was made by Lilleeng he asked "
Im a pretty young guy, having an idea of making pellets out of hen excrement. My family runs an egg-production system, and we have a problem with storing and disposing the bi-product. I've been searching around the web for ideas and inspiration to modernize our farm for an upcoming investment, only to find out this might be the place for such project.

So I am with this, looking for knowledge and experience in the subject, or just ideas!

I don't really know exactly what i want with this, but lets try."

I posted this: "If it is burnable. dry it out until you get the moisture level so you can press it through something like a spaghetti auger or meat auger to form it into long strands. Then cut it, and complete drying it out to a moisture content that is burnable. Then try burning it in a pellet wood burning stove. If that works then work on modifying the production aspect. Good luck"

Can you prove this out for me please. Thanks
Don Ross
@Chinenyezeh • 16 Jan, 2015 @Don Ross i love this idea of palleting the poultry excrement, for the following reasons;
1. it encourages organic farming
2. it controls waste disposal
3. it is a brand new business venture such that (the same way inorganic fertilizers are sold in a well packaged form) the pelleted excrement can be package and refined.
please i will get back to you on this subject matter am interested in this work @ Don Ross
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 Well good, go kick some butt, lol.
I'm entrusting you with this worldly deed. lol
@Don Ross • 16 Jan, 2015 • 1 like upload_2015-1-16_10-44-55 forum.backyardpoultry.com

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