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night crawler
night crawler • Feb 27, 2008

Design a circuit capable of displaying peak voltage

how would u design a circuit capable of displaying peak voltage , to a input voltage varying in steps from 1 to15v ?
reachrkata • Mar 2, 2008
1) Use a 4 bit ADC to measure the voltage.
2) Use a 4bit register to store the value
3) Implement a logic such that the trigger to update the register with a new value is given only when the current ADC output is more than that already stored in the register
4) Use standard decoder circuits available to display the value in the register on 2 7SEG displays.

maheshkrishnan • Mar 6, 2008
Go for a processor/controller and get the output from ports
just2rock • Mar 16, 2008
well thought and defined ..keep it up
vipulb • Mar 16, 2008
How can it possible yaar

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