Demineralised Water makeup in Boilers of Power Plant

In standard power plant, having boiler pressure > 80kg/cm² ; D.M Water is used. Generally makeup water is added in hot-well of condenser where steam condensed ( after expansion in steam turbine ) is extracted . I would like to know whether make-up water at higher (>atmospheric) temperature can be added without compromising water quality ? Idea is hot make-up water may improve heat rate of power plant by extracting waste heat at some other point to heat up the make-up water & thus saving fuel.😲


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Hot water is usually at 70 deg C. This is about 40 C above ambient, which means that you get about 34 WHr/litre extra energy. The economics of this considering capital and running costs of such waste heat recovery systems ,ay have to be worked out.

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