• Charted among the coolest 3D printers of 2013, the DeltaPrintr is a new simple, easy-to-use low-cost 3D printer designed and developed by Shai Schechter, a student from Purchase College, State University of New York. The biggest plus point of this 3D printer is that it has been made such that using it is a hassle-free process. With minimal set-up, the DeltaPrintr boasts off that there's no need for long-term maintenance. Using three stepper motors, located under the acrylic build platform, to control the carriages that move the hot-end, the DeltaPrintr features a polar coordinate system that allows for faster movements while achieving a 100 micron resolution. The printer uses both the drive reels and the bearings that the carriages ride on are manufactured via high-precision CNC machining.

    The Deltaprintr also uses 65lb Spectra fishing line instead of expensive belts to control the carriages. The Spectra line also makes it easy to expand the build volume - all you need to do is buy longer aluminum extrusions, which cost a few dollars. On the official Kickstarter page, DeltaPrintr team writes - Every printer will be fitted with an automatic calibration probe, ensuring that prints stick to the bed and don't warp when printing. In addition, every printer will also come with an LCD display and a compact 60 Watt laptop-style power supply. So, the benefits of using DeltaPrintr include use of PLA plastic which is biodegradable and food safe, a compact power supply and the a LCD and SD card coming preloaded in the machine.


    Sharing details about their device, the Deltaprintr is available in extra large size (2.5 feet) that has double the printing capacity, six more inches in height and two more inches in diameter, for $705. It is great to note that, the Deltaprintr design doesn't require many parts so the savings are passed on to the customers. "We have a laser- and powder-based 3D printer at school, but it costs about USD 500 for a bucket of powder and that only lasts for about one or two prints. It's never used because it is so expensive and classes weren't offered that much in the curriculum," Schechter said. By getting guidance from his sculpture professor about building a new 3D printer that uses plastic instead, Mr. Shai got his three good friends to help him. The team has also launched a #-Link-Snipped-# to bring their low-cost design to the masses. Following are few of the print samples from this affordable 3D printer -

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    Since the Deltaprintr doesn't require as many parts as other 3D printers, the savings can be passed on to the consumers. While commercially available 3D printers cost $2,000 or more, the Deltaprintr kit will retail for about $499. Users will be provided with a detailed manual so they can assemble their own printers, enhancing the educational impact. To encourage new users, the company will also be providing guidance for using 3D printing software. "We are launching the Deltaprintr as an educational tool, but it's also, ultimately, for the everyday user," concludes Schechter. "This technology should be accessible to everyone." You can also check the 3D printer in action in the following video uploaded by the team -

    Let us know how do you like the DeltaPrintr features in comments section below.
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorDec 26, 2013

    Among the other 3D printers we have covered this year -

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    Best ones from 2012 here: #-Link-Snipped-#

    I think the need for "low-cost" 3D printers is on the rise! 😀 What are your views?
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