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Deleting files from program files x86

I'm using a 64 bit windows 7 laptop. I installed solidworks a CAD software but some how it didn't get installed properly . So I uninstalled it but I found some of its .exe files in program files and program files x86.
Not only that I even found some files of the previously installed files which I uninstalled from the control panel.
I searched and got a software named revo uninstaller.
I want to know whether we can delete those uninstalled files directly from program files x86 and program files. Is it safe deleting that way. Or
Is revo uninstaller safer. Will it cause any problem for the windows files if I use to remove the left overs.
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar • Jul 21, 2015
if u are able to delete them then delete them by yourself they may be residue files which mean to be deleted manually ,or you can try uninstaller of the same program.
u can find it in program directory
Even if your installation aborts for some reason, some files are created in Program Files directory.
The best way to get rid of such files is to use a cleaner software like CCleaner. This ensures that not only the created files but also the invalid registry entries are taken care of.
In this way your filesystem remains in non-corrupted state. This software can be downloaded from the following site:
Once the cleaning is done, do not forget to restart your machine so that changes could be reflected in your filesystem and registry.
I heard that registries are the shortcuts created for the computer to find the required files in a faster way. And thank you for advice on using CCleaner.
But am much interested in knowing the usage of Revo uninstaller.
Does both CCleaner and Revo work in the same way?

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