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sanchitgulati • Apr 6, 2009

DeBugging Reqd. c++

Problem Solved....can't get this thread removed.
silverscorpion • Apr 6, 2009
whoa, you want us to debug such a long code?? What, is this your assignment or project work or something??

Anyhow, I'm not too good with C++. There are some others who are well versed in C++ who may help debug this. But as far as my knowledge goes, you made a mistake in the class declaration itself. In the private variables, there's a variable called,

char ***.

This is not a valid C++ variable name. I see the same used in many places, and they are all errors. I don't know if it's a variable name or a triple pointer. Please check those. Other than that, I cant find any mistakes in the code. That seems to be the only error. Also, I executed the code changing the variables to "a" instead of *** and the compiler showed some errors in some loops. Take care of that.

PS - of course, I didnt go through the full code thoroughly, there might be more errors there.
komputergeek • Apr 6, 2009
Don't delete the code even though your problem is solved.It might be useful for others.
silverscorpion • Apr 6, 2009
yep. You can't delete the thread.
So, don't remove the code. Please put it back so that it might be of some help to the
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 6, 2009
Yep, don't remove the contents. They might be useful to others 😀

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