• It was only a while ago that apple had launched its location-based service with specific hardware as ‘iBeacon’, and suddenly it finds an android based rival. Frank Nuovo, the Ex-Vertu designer has developed a new location-based service application ‘Datzing’. The website terms it as a micro location service that will detect the presence of other subscribers in the vicinity, so as to broadcast and share the information. The developers have coined the term ‘zing’ for any piece of information that will be transmitted and a zing can range from a website URL to any social media update, coupons, etc. User gets to choose the category of zings that he wish to receive. While in the live mode the device displays a list of all the beacons (or devices) present in the vicinity in the order of proximity. “Our patent pending technology allows you to broadcast a special identification, which is recognized by other Datzing application subscribers. It automatically logs the discovery organized in easy-to manage categories”, says the website.

    Unlike iBeacon, datzing doesn’t have any special hardware requirements. This technology works on wireless connections such as Bluetooth and WiFi, hence transforming the user devices into beacons. However the range of Bluetooth enabled beacons will vary from 10 to 160 feet whereas that of WiFi enabled will vary from 160 to 300 feet. No cellular connection or GPS is required (you might well need your data connection to connect to a website). But the website does mention that GPS will be used in future for some advanced features. The users will be able to subscribe to limited number of beacons for free. The initial targets of datzing are supposed to be the small or big businesses that might find the app useful for customer mobilization by broadcasting the relevant and useful information or offers.

    The website has been inviting sign ups for the testing of beta version and the launch date for the same is 4th March, 2014 as mentioned on the website.​

    Via: Ex-Vertu designer launches iBeacon competitor for Android - The Verge
    Image Source: #-Link-Snipped-#
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