Daily Brain Teaser

Guys i will try to add daily one brain Teasers,do find the answers.

1)The following pairs of words can be unscrambled to make two words that go together, like "this & that." All pairs follow the same theme. Can you determine what they say?

DARK BOG = ______ + ______
COW MEAT = ______ + ______
ASHES SINK = ______ + ______
BRANDY YOKE = ______ + ______


Old MacDonald had a farm...


  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    I tried out this teaser...Check out whether this is correct..
  • friendster7
    its correct miniy..nice work

    Each of the following song titles starts with the letter D. Can you decode them? Each of the songs is in the form of an anagram.

    1. A Modern

    2. Decade Pruner

    3. Cancan Deed

    4. A Bravely Remedied

    5. A Descended Dirtied Trophy
  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    hey,you please just keep on adding your brain teasers everyday..Whenever we get the solution we'll let you know....

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