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Custom Internet & Data Dongle - For educational solution distribution

I was wondering if anyone has a solution or may be direct me to right person(s) who can help me solve the problem statement that I am currently dealing with.

I want to distribute educational software to schools in a data protected dongle inclusive of internet connection. The broad use case/requirements are listed below:
  • The software will be installed with in the dongle which will be protected to avoid piracy and data copy.
  • The software will run off the dongle directly thus avoiding the complicated installation process.
  • The software within will be valid for only a certain period based on license purchases. The license validation/authentication will be via the internet connection available within the dongle.
  • The internet connection is only dedicated for the software with in the dongle. This will avoid other generic browsing/surfing.
  • Even though the dongle is data protected, the software within should be able to write data back to dongle.
  • Internet connection can be made available through 3/4G Sim cards that can be bought on bulk by the service providers.
The terminal objective that I am trying to overcome is how to distribute educational software's to schools where internet connection is non-existent, overcome the issue of piracy, proper license management and overall lightweight and ease of use.

This is a problem that has to be tackled at both hardware and software level, and I am looking at how to overcome the hardware bit.

I am available for more discussion on the same.

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