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Kartik Vyas
Kartik Vyas • Dec 15, 2007

Cup of life...

This is a poem that I wrote just after the 2002 FIFA world cup. It made into my college magazine that time. Just trying to compile all my poems here so adding this one. Comments/Criticism welcome.
Cup Of Life:

Once In my dream
I was in Argentine football team.
Wearing the blue and white striper
I was country's star striker.
After semi final victory over France
the cup was at our glance
Only hurdle was that of Brazil
Whom we were ready to kill.
But as a sub when I entered the field
Everyone thought that our fate was sealed.
Ronaldo and Rivaldo having scored for Brazil
At Two-Nil the task looked uphill.
But soon on Crespo's great cross
I headed the ball past their keeped Marcos.
Moments later I hit one like a bullet
and the ball went directly into the net.
My 'Injury time' effort on goal
was cruely saved by crossbar and pole.
Yes it was me who hit the winning goal
but for that the people burned me using coal
The only thing which I did forget
was during extra time there is a change of net.
Yes! it was a self goal
which stripped me of my life's own role
While burning in the stadium I did cry and scream
but when nobody heard I knew it was a dream.
crook • Dec 19, 2007
😁 😁 😁

add me to your fan list !
suyash • Jan 10, 2008
absolutely superb...
i was in splits after reading the ending !!
bravo KGV ...

u have proved that brazil wins the world cup even in people's dreams !! hehe

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