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@Ankita Katdare • 05 Jan, 2012
Cubit computers is a company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Known as one of the first companies to have launched TabletPC in India in 2002, Cubit has launched it's All-In-One Desktop Computers. These desktops will have combination of Central Processing Unit (CPU) containing the hard drive, processor, CD drive and speakers. The company website does not speak a lot about it's specifications.


The screen size is 18.5 inches and PC has Intel Atom 1.6GHz Processor. With 1 GB DDR-II RAM and 250 GB Hard Disk, the features are just about average. Built-in webcam, memory card reader, keyboard and Mouse come bundled along. The product is easy to assemble and can be configured according to the needs of the customers. The price is expected to be 20-25% higher than conventional desktops.

Vinay Chopra, Director of sales and marketing, Cubit said during the launch, "In the next one year the market share of AIO computers is expected to grow 300 per cent triggering a shift from the conventional desktop computer to the all-in-one computer desktops." Suresh Nair, Cubit CEO & MD added, "We have over 1000 assemblers, with a network of 100 retailers and 20 distributors who would be marketing the new product in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharahstra and Goa where we are present."

The company has plans of bringing it's own tabletPC in the next three months time. They have branch offices across India in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Cochin, Allahabad, Lucknow and other cities too.

Source: EconomicTimes | CubitComputers

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