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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 15, 2018

Crystal Lang - Is it worth learning it?

The Crystal programming language seems to be getting a bit of developer love these days. I'm not at all sure if it's the next big thing in programming languages; but a few hours of curious reading on the Internet makes me wonder if there's a room for another programming language that aims to solve 'common' problems. 

I'm wondering if it'd be worth learning Crystal programming language and look forward to opinions from our fellow engineers and software developers.

So, the tag line that seems to be attracting developers is as fast as "C", and slick syntax like Ruby. I don't have any experience with Ruby programming language and it's been several years since I programmed with C. 

But as soon as any developer starts talking about server side programming languages, Javascript folks jump in to advocate how JS is rapidly invading the server side. Thanks to Node which allowed JS to be made available on servers and Vue that's rapidly becoming the most favoured layer of EcmaScript. I don't have any experience with either; so can't comment. 

All I'm trying to figure out is whether Crystal holds any promise and should any web developer care to learn the language. 

Of course, you can't be fully productive by simply learning the language. You've to develop expertise in a related framework as well!

Would appreciate thoughts and comments from fellow developers. 

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