Cryptography Related Mini Project Ideas For Computer Science-IT Students

Here is a collection of project ideas for Cryptography related mini project ideas for computer science or IT students.

1. Command line interface for crypto functionality
2. Action history view with replay functionality (like a macro recorder) for all algorithm operations (classic and modern)
3. An implementation of pairing based multi-partite key exchange protocols
4. Visualization of classic algorithms and its analysis
5. A demonstration of the interchangeability of PGP and S/MIME formats.
6. A demonstration of the S/MIME standard for secure e-mail.
7. Educational game for pupils
8. A visualization of zero-knowledge proofs
9. A visualization of the ACO algorithm for cryptanalysis of simple transposition algorithms.
10. A visualization of Huffman codes.
11. Comprehensive Entropy plug-in for Entropy education (for texts from different languages).
12.Implementation for this modern symmetric cipher
13. Design and prevention of side-channel attacks.
14. Implement three of the SHA-3 proposals: ECHO, JH and Skein
15. New attack idea against symmetric ciphers.
16. Visualization of different methods of steganography.
17. Alternate password storage for non-FlexiProvider algorithms.
18. Various tools for analysis of already implemented ciphers/protocols/formats.
19. Visualization of the grille cipher (Fleissner Schablone)
20. Visualize hash sensitivity (analogue to CrypTool 1).
21. Visualize the certificate validity models (shell and chain).
22. Implement and visualize the knapsack problem (Merkle-Hellman knapsack cipher and the according attacks)
23. Implement and visualize the Rabin public key cipher (1979).
24. Implement a general dialog to filter and transform a text document (e.g. before encrypting it)
25. Improving the classic algorithms, e. g. by implementing the transformation page as a core part of the wizards
26. Select one plug-in in each crypto category (algorithms, analysis, games, visuals) and show its possibilities in a screencast or a short video. Output will be integrated in our portal.
27. Select one plug-in in each crypto category (algorithms, analysis, games, visuals) and show its possibilities in a screencast or a short video. Output will be integrated in our portal.
28. Develop English cheat sheets for certain cryptographic operations.
29. Create interactive cheat sheets for one plug-in in each crypto category (algorithms, analysis, games, visuals) and describe the usage of the plug-in.
30. Develop a digital signature visualization plug-in to fully visualize the generation process of a digital signature.
31. Implement a visualization of the Viterbi algorithm.
32. Implement and visualize all SHA3 candidates. This task should extend the created plug-in and provide implementations for the other SHA3 candidates.
33. Implement and visualize classic and modern methods of steganalysis.
34. Homomorphic signatures for digital photographs.
35. Implement and visualize the analysis of LFSR algorithms.
36. Extend the English online help in a consistent manner for all build-in functionality.
37. Verifiable Secret Sharing is a secret sharing algorithm for sharing a secret. The secret is distributed in a way that every person receives a unique part of the secret.


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