why the cross section of the dam varies?


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Based on the type of DAM and the area where the dam is built the cross section of the Dams have to vary

    Otherwise the stability of the Dam can't be assured
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Cross Section of the DAM depends on what is the size of the river you are trying to collect. The area available around. Plus it also depends on where you want to turn the river, the size of child stream. What all features your DAM has, integrated power plant or something. I think all these are the factors that matter in determining the cross section of the DAM
    Im not asking about dependent factors.Cross section of any dam varies compulsory but why?
  • Saiwal
    Im not asking about dependent factors.Cross section of any dam varies compulsory but why?
    the base is thicker than the top because the hydrostatic pressure varies. The pressure: P=h*d*g ; therefore to resist higher pressure at the bottom, the wall is made thicker. Hope this helps.
    As the altitude(Height) increases pressure decreases,similarly as the altitude decreases pressure increases(i.e: p=hdg).Therefore in order to resist high pressure at the bottom,the wall is made thicker. Thanqs to all friends who tried to say answers.
  • srinivasa rao
    srinivasa rao
    Cross section depends the Height of Dam.Height of dam depends on Natural ground Levels.If generally NGL (Natural Ground level)is low the bottom width is more and vice versa. According to sections varies.Itmeans cross sections are depending on NGL's

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