29 Mar 2006

CrazyEngineers Portal Launched!

Guys! 😁

Type www.CrazyEngineers.com in your browser and visit the newly launched CrazyEngineers portal ! 😁

Alternatively, if you are logged in, you can click on CE-Portal link in the top navbar.

Feel free to discuss the new CE portal here!

Happy Posting!

-The Big K-


Branch Unspecified
30 Mar 2006
Great Job !

Wow 😁

I'm in love with the new website! Great job!

The site looks fantastic!

Waiting for more stuff on CE website 😉

31 Mar 2006
Guys! No comments?

I'm working on getting content for our new portal 😀 . Forum restructuring will happen soon. Do flood in your suggestions.

Also have a look at the CE newbie guide on our homepage 😁

-The Big K-

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