CrazyEngineers Day Celebrations A Quick Look @ The Future


Today is CrazyEngineers' 6th foundation day. As you know, CE came to life on November 26, 2005. The CE Grand Quiz concluded today and we hope you all had a great time participating in it. Congratulations to all winners! I'm taking this opportunity to give you a look at the future we've planned for CrazyEngineers and are hoping to bring it to reality with your help.

CrazyEngineers: As An Engineering Company

Our dream is to turn CE from an online community to an engineering company. While we've discussed this many times; I wish to share an important update in this regard. We've made lot of progress in terms of revenues so that we can hire engineers & sustain their salaries. We're currently busy doing our homework so that we can begin hiring engineers; both part & full time to work on eye-popping projects we've planned. Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors are already approaching us which gives us an extra boost. It turns out that managing a company is a bit more challenging task that we first imagined 😀.

Within next 3-4 months, we'll begin hiring awesome CEans to create amazing things. Relevant announcements will be made at proper times.

Contests & Activities: New contests will be conducted at a greater frequency because we know that you just love them!

CE Meets: It's so unfortunate that we haven't had a official meet this year. In 2012, let's try to have at least 4-5 official CE meets.

New Partnerships: Quite a few big companies are extending their hands at us for partnerships. It's too early to talk about what's being planned. But it surely is exciting. Stay tuned.

That's just a hint of what's coming on CE over the next few months. We're excited and already sleepless 😁. We promise, we won't let you sleep.


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