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crazy questions in life

Question asked by narayana murthy in #Coffee Room on May 22, 2011
narayana murthy
narayana murthy · May 22, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
hey friends
here i am coming with a new thread some of my friends asked me as "imagine as a girl comes to you and says "i love you" then whats your reaction" then i answered as "let her come if it happens i simply says as let be friends and know each other even then you still love me then i am ok with you" hope many of you got such crazy questions so please such questions in this thread ceans Posted in: #Coffee Room
narayana murthy
narayana murthy · May 22, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
i got another question why all Indian vehicals are having speed meter in kmph instead of mph why it happens?
mohit007kumar00 · May 22, 2011
Rank B2 - LEADER
@nm haha you handled the situation vary well nm.
well let's come out to your second question two conditions may be possible one is to put a big meter or just increase the zeroes.SO better to go with kmph.
Anil Jain
Anil Jain · May 22, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
Because all Indian roads shows distance in kilometers... 😁

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