Satya Swaroop Dash
Satya Swaroop Dash
Computer Science
01 Feb 2016

CPU Fan Speed Too High Even After Troubleshooting

Hello CEans,

I would like your help in solving a problem that I am facing on my desktop. My desktop, a really old Compaq SR1931L was facing heating issues. Normally, I solve this problem by dusting the innards of the cabinet, especially the heat sink of the CPU. This time though, my vacuum cleaner was broken and I thought of doing what most experts recommend, removing the fan, cleaning the heat sink, cleaning the residual thermal grease that has dried up and applying a new coat. After carrying out the procedure, my problems remained the same. The BIOS interface showed that within seconds of starting my PC, the temperatures shot up to 65 degrees centigrade which forced the fans to move at over 4000 RPM.

Next, I visited the manufacturer’s website (HP, erstwhile Compaq) which recommended I reset my CMOS. This too did not solve the problem. I tried leaving my PC on for a few minutes (15 minutes to be exact) and yet the problem remained unsolved.

If any of you have faced a similar problem or know a solution, please reply to this conversation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them too, I will try to reply at the earliest.

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