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    I am doing my final year mechanical engineering... I got an Industrial Project.. A furnace door is opened and closed repeatedly to charge and discharge the steel block for the rolling process.. This door is being operated in chain and gear drives. The motor shaft connected to the Worm rotates thereby rotating the Worm Wheel which lifts the door using the Chain Drive. The Worm Wheel is connected to the shaft which in turn is connected to the pulley and the pulley lifts the door using the Chain Link. A counter weight is being added in the chain link..

    We are replacing this using Hydraulic Systems.... My question is whether THE COUNTERWEIGHT IS NECESSARY OR NOT NECESSARY WHEN THE DOOR IS LIFTED USING THE HYDRAULIC CYLINDER???
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  • zaveri

    MemberDec 10, 2013

    Some of the things are not clear: what kind of transmission system is used to lift the door ? is it chain and sprocket or is it belt and pulley ?

    second : what kind of hydraulic cylinder are you using ? is it the reciprocating type ? or the rotary type (gear motor) ? if you are using the reciprocating type, then the counter weight may not be necessary, because the function of the counter weight is only to keep the rotating components in balance.

    I think it would be better if you could post a sketch of the entire system here .
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