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graphite • Sep 12, 2012

Correlation between preparation of MBA entrance and way we follow and play a sport

Preparing for an entrance test can be correlated with the way we follow or play a certain sport. When talking about entrance exam we have to prepare our self in areas of logical reasoning, verbal, mathematics, analytical, data interpretation and some general knowledge.
As I said about the correlation between preparation, will try to give the tips of preparation correlated with each other. As we have ICC T20 world cup championship will provide with cricket tips related to preparation.

Tip No. 1
Sport: know which balls we can face and master them.
When we see any cricketer batting in the field, we can observe that not every ball is shot by him. But when he faces a ball that he knows he can shot it, he benefits himself from that shot.
Entrance test: Identify our strength and try to score best in that section.
Similarly like the cricketer we have to know our strength in particular 5-6 chapters in every section and prepare in such a way that we can score well in those sections.
graphite • Sep 12, 2012
Tip No. 2
Sport:Never rely on one shot/ball if that fails, they try another way.
When a bowler bowls a delivery and if that fails then he always tries another type of delivery. Like if one delivers a fast bowl in the same over he delivers a slow ball too which helps to confuse batsmen. This illustrates importance of back-up.
Entrance test:Identify our strengths and have back-ups to score.
Like a delivery of bowler fails same way in the section which we are strong the question we attempt may go wrong sometimes so in that case we should prepare other chapters so that they help us to score. So we should be ready with our back ups.
graphite • Sep 13, 2012
Tip No. 3
Sport: Learn to bowl a particular ball in multiple ways to gain the most from it.
Every bowler has to develop variations to bowl a delivery. He has to bowl in different ways in the same over so that he could gain a wicket.
Entrance Test: Try to solve the problem in different approaches.
As we say practice makes a man perfect, try to solve the questions in different approaches other than the one which we know perfectly. Sometimes the question seems to be tough to solve in the conventional approach so in that case the approach helps us to solve the question.

Tip No. 4
Sport: Learn the standard technique first and then try variations.
Direct corollary of the previous tip, a bowler has to learn how to bowl properly first, be a master in standard way and then try to learn the variations.
Entrance test: Master yourself in standard approach and the try the shortcuts and tips
First we should be comfortable with the conventional approach and then only try shortcuts to solve particular question. We should be clear with our basic concepts first.

Tip No. 5
Sport: Each shot needs to be played in slightly different ways depending on the pitch and ground.
Each batsman try to shot the ball in different ways depending on the pitch of the ground. Each delivery faced by batsman depends upon the pitch and ground. The technique he applies is the same but there has to be slight variation.
Entrance test: Each question type may be asked in different ways in different exams.
Observe the set/question asked in CAT, CMAT, IIFT and XAT exams properly and practice according to that. CMAT has very small sets with single questions and IIFT has very long sets with data driven questions, CAT and XAT have moderately long sets with primarily inferential questions. Basic technique to solve question remains same just keeping in mind those variations we have to practice for each exam.
graphite • Sep 13, 2012
Tip No. 6
Sport: Cricketers always set challenges for themselves to improve their performance.
A batsman would always try to gain most in next over's from previous ones. Where as a bowler would always try to concede the least runs.That is challenging themselves improved their performance. These challenges help the great cricketers become better.
Entrance test: Challenge yourself on various areas and observe your progress continuously.
Instead of practicing 50-100 questions daily set challenge for yourself and try to achieve it. Like try to solve 5 complex arrangement sets in one hour with 90% accuracy and next day, you could be trying to solve critical reasoning questions with a 80% accuracy without a time limit. This will keep you motivated.

Tip No. 7
Sport: Plan how you will approach each game and be ready to adapt.
When we play a game, we play it with a certain planning. Similarly when the players play a game they play it in a planned manner. The batsman plans the strategy of batting and bowler of it’s bowling. In the same fielding strategy is also planned.
Entrance test: Plan how you will attempt the entire exam.
Similarly we should also keep in mind that which section is easy to solve and less time consuming, so that we can solve that first. The section time consuming for us and hard to gain marks there solve it last. This type of planning is required and this logic applies to each and every exam.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Sep 13, 2012
graphite Great points! I am sure the students preparing for CAT will find this useful. 👍
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 13, 2012
I like all the points. Though you're suggesting them for CAT preparation, I'm sure these techniques can be applied in general life too.
graphite • Sep 14, 2012
Tip No. 8
Sport: Cricketers always see where they went wrong once and try not to repeat that mistake.
Every cricketer analyzes his mistake through the video that at which point he went wrong may be in batting, bowling or fielding. They not only do analysis at overall level but break it down in terms of how they batted in different stages of innings or how he bowled and so on. Continuous analysis helps them become better cricketers.
Entrance test: Analyze your performance after each test and avoid repeating mistakes.
The most important thing to do when you prepare is to analyze your performance. Check where you went wrong in last test and try not to repeat those mistakes. Repeating those mistakes again and again can’t help us crack the entrance exam. You have to identify your best and worst areas and keep analyzing them from the broadest level (i.e. overall exam) to the narrowest (i.e. question type).

Tip No.9
Sport: Cricketers have to be good in at least 2 out of 3 skills.
Every cricketer has to be good in 2 skills at least. Sachin being good batsman we see him bowling at times. Harbhajan Singh being a bowler does magic with his bat too or A B Devilliers becoming the wicketkeeper apart from being a key batsman in his team. There are many to specify. This has become the key to their survival.
Entrance test: Likewise we have to be good in at least 2 out of 3 key areas – QA, DI and VA!
Now-a-days more and more exams are experimenting with formats (like CAT 2011 or IIFT every year) or throwing surprises in terms of questions types (XAT 2011 and 2012), you have to be good at a minimum of 2 out of 3 areas to secure admission in the college of our dream.
graphite • Sep 14, 2012
I like all the points. Though you're suggesting them for CAT preparation, I'm sure these techniques can be applied in general life too.
Yeah sure they can be applied in general life too.
graphite • Sep 14, 2012
Tip No.10
Sport: A cricketer’s habits in the net sessions help/haunt him in the match as well.
Well when cricketers practice during net session they have to do practice carefully. The mistakes done during net session and if they are ignored, there are chances that they are repeated during the match too. So we see that some batsmen get run-out and bowler missed out on wicket because he bowls a no ball.
Entrance test: Your habits during practice/mocks will reflect in the actual exam!
Be honest to yourself when do practice. Don’t use calculator when we do Quant or DI neither use dictionary while reading RC passages. By doing these you create hurdle for yourself in the actual exam. During the exam you would not be provided with a calculator or dictionary. So, make it a habit to practice in an environment where you do not let such habits creep in to your preparation and affect your performance in the actual test.

Tip No.11
Sport: Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent.
Every top-class cricketer has been through a phase where he felt that he will not be able to pick a bat/ball again. The best ones have picked themselves up, fought their way through, rectified their mistakes and become stronger and better players!!
Entrance test: Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent.
There is always going to be a mock where you do exceedingly badly. There is always going to be an actual entrance where you goofed-up. You have do is believe in yourself, pick up the pieces, see where you went wrong and come back stronger next week/month/year. Believe in your own capability!!

Hope these simple thoughts help you do well in whatever exam you wish to crack!


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