Corona effect

Have you seen before about Corona Effect in Transformer Line?
The phenomenon of violets glow hissing noise and producing Ozone gas in overhead Transformer line.



  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Yeah in high tension cables we can note this a lot here in India
    The high tension cable has voltages well above 11kV and this condition is well suited for oxygen to chemically become ozone
    This is a main reason for violet coloured light
    But you must note that conductors loses all its insulation resistance at higher voltages. This causes that noise
  • lal
    And to a certain extent, corona is advantageous too. Since the surrounding air around the conductor is ionised, the result is an envelope of air around the transmission line that can conduct current. Thus, corona increases the effective cross sectional area of the conductor; reducing the resistance and thus the loss as heat. But, since corona itself is a loss and undesired, the total gain is marginal.
  • Ahsanul haque
    Ahsanul haque
    I'm still awaiting for right ans !! 😀
  • lal
    Overlooked the question there 😁
    Have you seen before about Corona Effect in Transformer Line?
    I have not seen a corona in real till date. But have definitely seen (articles) 'about' corona effect a lot!
  • vamsi kancharla
    vamsi kancharla
    one cannot explain corona effect clearly but we can get it by refering several text books so that we can understand clearly i will sugest this text book you please refer this power system analysis by D.P.KOTARI

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