Core Companies Vs IT Companies - What will you choose and why?

This debate is going on from many days in our college (and I am sure in many other colleges too!)

Let's conduct a survey and see what thousands of engineers visiting CE have to say.

Please choose one and describe why you support it.


  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Being an IT Guy, I guess I am not eligible or I cannot answer this question. But, let me think in this way, what if I am a Mechanical Engineer or an Electronics Engineer or a Chemical Engineer.

    Case I: Mechanical Engineer.
    Being a Mechanical Engineer, the scope is almost double than IT. There are places where there is no IT Companies, but machinery is needed at the most. So, I would choose core company.

    Case II: Electronics Engineer.
    Either being an Electronics Engineer or Comp Sci Engineer would be the same. The scopes are almost hand on hand. In case of Comp Sci, I would be using my software knowledge to program the hardware, which is my core. But in case of EC, I would be working on the design of the hardware, and also I can design a software (driver), which used to handle the hardware interface. My decision would be either EC or Comp Sci!

    Case III: Chemical Engineer.
    The difference is huge. I have learnt the basics of Comp Sci and have no idea about how I would handle Comp Sci at an advanced level. In this case, I would see if I get any good scope in Chemical stuff, else I would go blindly to Comp Sci!

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