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ktrone • Dec 27, 2008

Conversion: mesh no. to screen opening in mm

How to convert mesh no to screen opening in mm? Have been looking for an answer for long time but with no success.
babie_mo_ko16 • Jan 26, 2009
I think there is a Tyler Screen series Table wherein, the mesh number has a corresponding screen opening or apperture in inches or centimeter. They are mostly used in the industry of sieving, i think. Unless there are other methods available..

The Tyler Screen Table can be found in any unit operations book..

Hope this helps.. 😀
Dil Jala
Dil Jala • Mar 12, 2009
1 mesh size means... 1 opening in a linear inch
1 inch=25.4mm
1 openings in 25.4 mm
1/25.4 opening in 1mm
0.03937 openings in 1mm

so there u have converting unit

when ever u have a mesh size multiply it by 0.03937 and u have tht in mm

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