Control your 'real' dog with a remote control like a robot

It looks like the latest fad among the robotics enthusiasts is to control the real, living creatures using sophisticated electronics. We wrote about RoboRoach: Cyborg That Lets You Control Living Insects Via Smartphone - the robotic cockroach that would follow the electronic signals passed on to it by humans. Then we told you that even the Brain-to-brain interface lets you control your friend's physical movements haven't been spared from the experiment. So it's no surprise that the dogs have been converted into the 'cyberdogs'. Scientists at the Alabama's Auburn University have created a new type of control mechanism that lets the dog hear the commands made by their handlers. The whole system acts as a remote controlled system.


The system is a creation of mechanical engineer duo - Jeff Miller and David Bevly. Their remote control system comprises of a microprocessor, wireless signalling system, GPS sensors and an altitude & heading reference system - all of it mounted on the back of the pet. There's a command module that delivers vibrational and audio tone cues which are known to give the dogs the commands they can respond to.

The initial tests performed indicated that the dogs followed the instructions with an accuracy of about 87%. The system can also be set to work on auto mode using GPS waypoints. The team believes that this system would be incredibly useful when the dog's masters can't accompany it physically.

We'd like to ask our users what do they think about such experiments. Do you think controlling other pets via electronic signals and remote commands is justified?

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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    I dont like the idea of controlling the living organisms.It hurt the feelings of the living organisms. It overides the mechanism and affect the normal behaviour of the dogs.It change the nature of a dog.Its another way of making slaves.If this could be done to humans,what's your view?Will you support or not.I know that in this process only signals were sent to direct the dog but it should be limited to that.I feel that it is not justified.
  • Sanyam Khurana
    Sanyam Khurana
    Well, at times it's justified, at times it's not.

    This could definitely prove good in improving security systems and coordination between master and the dog can prove utterly beneficial at times.

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