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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jun 28, 2009

Continued: Learn Japanese for free (PART-III)

Japanese is a very polite language.

In Japan, as you may well know, that a lot of importance is given to mannerisms and the way you talk.

So some useful phrases can be:

Yes, Please : Haii, Onegaishimasu

No, Thank you : Iie, Kekko desu

Sorry/Excuse me : Sumimasen

You're welcome/My Pleasure :

I'm sorry, I don't understand : Sumimasen ga, wakarimasen.

(This one can be very useful, just in case... 😛)
Where is the (toilet)? (Toire) wa doko desu ka?

Do you speak English? : Eigo o hanashimasu ka?

AND Remember : the 'su' at the end of each verb is pronounced as "ss"


- Ankita 😛
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shalini_goel14 • Jul 4, 2009
Hey AbraKadabra,

You are not going to continue this Japanese teachings ? I am waiting to learn its pronunciation. You have not mentioned about it in any of the series. 😔

PS: For CE Team - I could n't get the relevance of this thread in "General Help" section.
silverscorpion • Jul 4, 2009
Well, where else would you like to place it? I think general help is Ok..

And regarding pronunciation, it'll do you very good if you can manage to watch some Japanese movie or some series, like Naruto or Death Note etc..

Though you can't understand a thing, you can get a very good idea of Japanese pronunciation.

I don't know how I can give pronunciation lessons here in the forum.
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Jul 4, 2009
for pronunciation Audio Book is best. i have one but hardly get time to listen it.
silverscorpion • Jul 4, 2009
Btw, Did you follow up the link I gave you, I think in the previous thread?? Was it useful?

Are you proficient with the alphabets now??
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 4, 2009
Yeah! You guys are right. It's kind of difficult to tell 'how to pronounce' exactly on the forum.

But try watching some TV anime or cartoon series of Animax Channel on television or listen to Japanese songs (that's how I learn't it mostly 😛)
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 4, 2009
And yeah...let me know your suggestions on how you would like to learn more about Japanese?

I mean, what would you like to learn:
Spoken japanese/Actual grammar-based/ something else like....translations?

I would like to know your area of interest. 😀


- Ankita

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shalini_goel14 • Jul 5, 2009
Hey Abrakadabra, Thanks for replying

I guess I would like to learn first speaking each and every alphabet with correct pronunciation - the way I learned English. Not sure about others.

I cannot watch Japanese programs on TV - my bad . Can you share pronunciations taking following as an example [if possible]

e.g. Amoeba in English is pronounced as [am-mee-ba] not as [am-o-ee-ba]

Is it possible to do something like this here for you? 😀

Thanks !

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