• I am currently in 6th sem of engineering (3rd year) Pune University I want to give 2015 attempt for GATE should I join the Gate Coaching Classes which are conducted Weekend sat 5 and sunday 10 hours ...Few Seniors Told me that I should prepare at a home or take a drop after final yer and then join Classes because it is hard and tough to study weekend class continously for period of 10 months..What should I do...I am really interested in GATE ..Any one had done it before kindly reply ..
    and i am seeing 2 classes in Pune
    1) Vaani Institue Pune branch
    2) ACE Academy Pune branch(opened this year)
    Which should I join my interest is in ACE but it is new in Pune and has a good record in Hyderabad...
    Please help friends....
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