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sowmith_ts • Jan 28, 2017

Confused about career path and choosing my interest!

Hi CE team,
Firstly i would like to give a big thumbs up for you people for creating a virtual community and advising the students on choosing a right path, i have been searching for an medium like this.I have gone through many threads before signing up, you people are doing a great job.
[Please do not think the message is too long, but i intended it to be clear enough].

My name is Sowmith, i was graduated with Electronics & Communication Engg in 2016 from a reowned College in Hyderabad with a 82 % and i had always been good in academics.

I got placed in a Telecommunication Company ( say XXXX Communications LTD) in Chennai! Like everyone i was excited to start my career and also was deeply satisfied that i will be working in a core field.But, to my suprise it wasnt what expected, the company provides services for telecom ( wish i had known this before) and so, there is no scope for much technical stuff unless i interfere in some other internal teams.To sum it up, i am pursing a managing job right now.(anyways i decided to work for one year atleast to get an experience certificate)
I have strong basics in Btech subjects but no special interest in any but i am confident enough to work out any course.
After a bit research i felt short term course on embedded systems and if higher studies is the option MBA are two good choices.
I am really confused to choose between:
1.MBA which i want to just because i have a feeling i will start my own business some time in future.But, i am not sure because my resume is not that sound and am not ready for that yet.
2.Short term job oriented course in Embedded systems, since i feel i have some basic knowledge on Embedded Systems and to value my bachelors degree,then to pursue a job in that field.

Can you advise me on these because i am afraid that i am calculating the probabilities and choosing wrong options and only question running through my mind always is what if i loose interest in MBA after taking up job in that ? what if i loose embedded is not my thing and i regret i took a wrong step? Because without any prior knowledge i tried cracking IIT exam and failed miserably,ending up in some local college, i cant afford another mistake again!
Hi Brother,
I am also an Electronics and Communication Engineering student; currently in my third year.
You have mentioned that you are interested in short term course in Embedded Systems.
I think Post Graduate Diploma course(6 months) in Embedded Systems design would meet your requirements. C-DAC provides PG Diploma courses in various streams. They take students through their entrance exam C-CAT.
Hope you get what you want....!!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 2, 2017
But, to my suprise it wasnt what expected, the company provides services for telecom ( wish i had known this before) and so, there is no scope for much technical stuff unless i interfere in some other internal teams.
Happened with me as well; in the IT field. What I thought I'd be doing was entirely different from what I was asked to do. I quit the IT industry in 3.5 years.

The first thing to do is to figure out what course are you planning for yourself. Because if 'business' is what you wish to get into - you'll have to plan for it right away. If you wish to continue in the job for foreseeable future; you need to know that as well. Your resume has zero value when it comes to entrepreneurship. I'm not saying that technical knowledge won't matter; but technical knowledge is just a small component of starting and running a business.

The confusion is because of the unclear vision for your future. MBA has nothing to do with starting and running a business. Keep that in mind.

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