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Computing Professor's Meta Game Heads For Conference At Queen's University

Question asked by smriti in #Coffee Room on Feb 18, 2012
smriti · Feb 18, 2012
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He was designing a game about designing a game.  Nicholas Graham's new video game, Liberi Live, puts you in a world where you are either the creator or the player. Probably, what is a real-time game environment, presents a scenario where multiple players are participating in the game. It may be so that one player is tackling the obstacles while the other is creating them. The designer, with a simple click of button can add obstacles and ramps and as a result, this would change the whole course of the game. A variable virtual space? Anybody remember Jonny Quest?  Or more recently, Tron.


Dr. Nicholas Graham is a professor in the School of Computing and also runs the EQUIS Lab which deals with video game development. Somewhat similar to the concept of life and the theory of parallel multiverse, this game is a breath of fresh air in a world ruled by first person shooter, Strategy and Role Playing Games. Introducing multiplayer environment in gaming is old school but giving unequal powers to each is what makes this game stand out. Dr. Graham believes that precisely this feature asks for a far greater creativity from the designer as well as player.

The video game will be a part of world's top conferences in human-computer interaction, TEI 2012 (Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction), hosting at Queen's University next week. The event is organised by Queen's Human Media Lab and will be showcasing technologies like  two-sided flexible TV screen, socially networked yoga mats and a wearable system of sensors designed to improve posture among office workers.

Source: PhysOrg Image Credit: chinese-starwars Posted in: #Coffee Room

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