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Raviteja.g • Aug 20, 2009

Computer with multiple displays & keyboards

HI friends😉,
Recently our professor giving introduction to Data Communications had mentioned a computer with multiple displays and keyboards will be needed in some situations.

The problem here is I thought that it was a server Computer because it has multiple displays and multiple keyboards.I want to is it right or any computer is designed specially for this types of purposes😕.In order to gain some insight about that i searched in net and didn't the anticipated.

So, if any one here can shed some light on this would help me to know about the things and situations where such computers are required.

Waiting for your replies..... ;-)
Usually, normal computers can have multiple monitors as long as they are equipped with the correct graphic cards. They are used for applications like graphic designing (where you need a large canvas), simulations, or anyone who needs a large desktop to display multiple windows.

In terms of multiple keyboards, these are used for instances where a single computer is virtualized for many users (some server operations, for example). Not as common as multiple monitors, but it does exist where each user has their own keyboard and monitor to control their OS. Hardware resources (such as CPU, HDD, RAM) will be shared across these users, so they need to be of high specification.
Raviteja.g • Aug 22, 2009
thanks Ash.
but is it possible to share a computer only with keyboards and monitors i mean it does not have its own hard disk.
Yes, it is possible. Even the hard disk can be partitioned.. though it'll be working a bit of overtime to switch between file operations of the users.

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