JAVA GSM Based Projects:

2. GSM Based Download Manager.
3. Spynet Using GSM.
4. Traffic Alert System using GSM.
5. GSM based Group Chatting Application.
6. Shopping Alert using GSM. J2me Based Realtime Projects:
1. Sales Person Location Monitoring.
2. Emergency Location Pointing using GPRS.
3. Wifi based Mobile Polling.
4. Home automation using GPRS.
5. A Mobile Learning System Based on Bluetooth.
6. Wireless Remote Network Management using GPRS.
7. Wifi Based Multimedia Sharing Across Mobile Devices.
8. Online Voting Using Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phone.

Voice and Media Based Applications:

1. PeerTalk-a Multiparty Voice Over Ip Networks-IEEE.
2. Voice Based Application Cantroller.
3. Email While Driving.
4. Voice Based Image Editor.
5. Survillance Based Moving Object Detection using web Camera-IEEE.
6. Video Broadcasting Overlay Networks. Bluetooth Based Projects:
1. Blue Cam.
2. Bluetooth Based Location Positioning System.
3. Bluetooth Based Home Automation.
Global Logica Software TechnologiesπŸ˜πŸ‘€
Android Based Projects:

1. Mail Camera.
2. 3G Home Automation.
3. 3G based E-mail Camera.
4. 3G based Bus Route Enquiry System-IEEE.
5. Remote Mobile Contact Retrieval System.
6. A Mobile Phone Based Multimedia Remote Monitoring System
7. RTSP Audio and Video Streaming for QoS in Wireless Mobile Devices.
8. Wifi based Video Broadcasting.
9. Remote Database Management using Mobile Phone.
10. Mobile Broker.
11. Mobile Notice Board.
12. Wifi based Mobile Quiz.
13. Wifi based Shopping Guide in Shopping Malls.πŸŽ‰

Network Based Projects:

1. Cross Language Messenger.
2. MailZoro-A Email Based Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Appliation-IEEE.
3. Collusive Piracy Prevention in Peer-to-Peer Networks-IEEE.
4. Authenticating Network Attached Storage-IEEE.
5. A Novel Approach for Computation-Efficient Rekeying for Multicast Key Distribution-IEEE.
6. Packet Sniffer.😁

J2EE Based Projects:

1. Smartcity.
2. Retreiving Files using Content based Searching and Displaying in Carousel View.
3. Educational Information Management System.
4. Chat Room.😁😘 πŸ˜’


  • K!r@nS!ngu
    great collection.......πŸ‘
  • Bashiruddin Naik
    Bashiruddin Naik
    great collection.......πŸ‘
    Thank you!!!
  • imgopi
    Friends give me some ideas on Cloud Computing topic.
  • Gandalf
    Cloud computing is a vast topic

    You could cover any one of the aspects of it
    1. security Issues
    2. Infrastructure as a service aspect of Cloud Computing
    3. Platform's Available and their services
    4. Software's that should consider cloud deployment
    5. Benefits and Disadvantages of Cloud for small Enterprises
    6. Develop a Application for cloud deployment

    1 - 5 are case studies
  • imgopi
    I want to do my main project on this Cloud computing so i need some ideas friends.Any way thanks for reply.
  • Gandalf
    Yes , i Know
    Don't try to be jack of all in Cloud computing
    Its better if you be a master of one aspect after introducing the topic

    It will be better recognized by the corporates in the future career of yours
  • imgopi
    Yes , i Know
    Don't try to be jack of all in Cloud computing
    Its better if you be a master of one aspect after introducing the topic

    It will be better recognized by the corporates in the future career of yours
    k thanks friend
  • Aneeb Ahmed Khan
    Aneeb Ahmed Khan
    please sir can you give me description of Mobile Notice Board ?
    please define that it is created and what tools/softwares are required for that???
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Nice collection... So lets keep them updated which all have been implemented. If a thread for this is started, lets link the project topic with the thread... πŸ˜€
  • Anil Kappor
    Anil Kappor
    hey! queeny.heads
    nice collection, im really interesting about this topic ( PeerTalk-a Multiparty Voice Over Ip Networks-IEEE.) and i want to develop it in Object C, will you elaborate it. if u have any ideas or source code.
  • shubhamsingasane
    want some of the brilliant ideas for cloud computing. suggest please...
  • rion
    can i get some ideas based on web technology....
  • Ganesh Karrolla
    Ganesh Karrolla
    Wifi based Mobile Quiz.
    we need abstract and overview of mobile based quiz through wifi
  • Neha Meshram
    Neha Meshram
    sir, can i get abstract nad overview on wifi based shopping guide in shopping mall project in andriod

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