Computer Science Project Idea : Taxi Fare Calculation App

Frequent auto-rickshaw/taxi travelers often feel cheated about the fare they have to pay. Many times you find yourself suspecting that meter in your cab is running too fast.

In most such cases, we have no alternative.
Tuk Tuk 2 is an app that helps you check whether the fare you are going to pay is justified or not.

Tuk Tuk 2, which is available for Android, Bada, Symbian and Blackberry phones for free, uses the GPS inside modern smartphones to calculate the distance you have traveled. The app then uses this information to calculate the fare according to the prevalent tariff in the city where you are travelling. The best thing is that it can also take into account waiting charges, if any, before calculating the final fare.

The app has a minimalist and very functional design. Once it has obtained the GPS link, it can run in background leaving you free to use your phone for making calls or listening to music or browse web.

Tuk Tuk 2 comes with the fare structure for 24 Indian cities — including four metros.

If your city is not included or if you are using a taxi service that uses a different fare, you can use the custom option to add it to the list.

Source: Times of India Tech


  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    The Project on which my company is working is also based on something like this and its name is Tuk Tuk Meter but is for KENYA region only.

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